Cenforce 25 mg Review

There is a common belief that male sexual problems are an issue in modern life. This is not true. It appears that men have experienced troubles in their intimate affairs since the prehistoric ages. The first mentions about male impotence one can find in the ancient Indian texts, dated by the 8th century BC. And even then people realized that the problem can stem from psychological state of a man, to be more specific — week boner could be explained by the bad mood or memories, and by the sexual experience with an under-sexed woman.

The most unexpected remedies have been tried since then to bring back the male sexual power. Eating testes of various animals, sleeping with a hundred women, drinking teas and extracts of thousands of herbs, whatever you can imagine — men have never lost the hope to find the effective cure. The 20th century was the age of novel discoveries in the nature of the problem, and thus — new approaches of its solutions. Vacuum pumps, prosthetic devices, and revolutionary medicines appeared on the market.

In the late 1990s, the first really effective and safe medicinal drug for ED was discovered by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. They wanted to find a preparation for cardiovascular disorders, but did not succeed. By pure accident, some patients who participated in the trials reported improvements in their erections after the intake. And this is how Viagra came into our lives. Nowadays, this is the most popular drug ever.

How It Works in Your Body

First of all, we have to realize that Viagra, as well as Cenforce, is the brand name of medicinal products manufactured by different companies. However, these pills are actually the same drug. The thing is that they both have an equivalent composition, with sildenafil citrate as the working compound. This chemical element was approved to treat erectile dysfunction in 1998 by the US Foods and Drugs Administration. Also, it helps patients with an enlarged prostate and blood pressure ailments.

The strength of the novel remedy is that it does not initiate any unnatural actions in your organism. When a man feels excited, no matter physically or mentally, his body produces the naturally occurring compound nitric oxide, which triggers the chain of chemical reactions leading to the erection. To make a long story short, sildenafil binds and excretes the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5, or PDE5, which is the main enemy of a long and hard-boner. It destroys another enzyme, which relaxes the vascular muscles in the penis, improving blood flow to it.

Enough blood in the cavernous body makes it hard and keeps it this way till the intercourse is finished—this is if everything works normally. Unfortunately, some men have their PDE5 enzyme too active, and it starts ruining cGMP too early (cGMP, or cyclic guanosine monophosphate, is the enzyme responsible for relaxed vessels). Sildenafil and its congeners look very much like cGMP for PDE5. This is why they substitute the former and leave it working in our system.

As you see, the way Viagra produces its effect is completely natural. You will not have a hard-on when you do not need it. It does not increase your libido, nor does it enlarge your penis or protect you from any diseases. It just makes your body work properly. And this is why it is so popular.

How to Avoid Counterfeit

The branded Viagra tablets are still produced by the Pfizer company, and there is hardly a man who does not know what they look like. And still, it is one of the most popular drugs among those who sell fake pills, seducing us with their cheap price and very similar outlook. These phoney pills are not only a simple fraud to steal your money, but also cause great harm to your health as they are produced by unknown people in conditions not allowed for producing medicines.

The latest study shows that the tablets from such dishonest distributors may contain various compounds that are dangerous:

  • blue ink used in printers;
  • drywall, to bind the tablet, which does not let the tablet dissolve and metabolize in your body;
  • strong and harmful antibiotics, or amphetamines, their consumption leads to vomiting, diarrhea, severe allergy, etc.;
  • sometimes, the actual strength of the tablet differs from that indicated on the package, which is really dangerous, as you never know how much sildenafil you take;
  • finally, some pills did not contain sildenafil at all, but consisted of other ingredients with unclear effects.

Anyway, you should know what you are buying. Pfizer’s product is never of a strength other than 25, 50, and 100 mg. The number of pills in the blister is 4, and only 4. Pay attention to the color of the tablets. It should be the same on both sides. Actually, it should not vary at all. The shape is very important, too. There should not be any jagged corners. The signs on the pills are Pfizer on the front side and VGR plus dosage on the back one.

Despite the fact that Cenforce 25 mg is not produced by Pfizer Inc., you cannot say it is a fake medicine. The patent of the company does not work in many countries any more, including India, and the pharmacists there have received the right to produce analogues of the drug with the same composition, but under different trademarks. The manufacturer, Centurion Laboratories, is a reputed company that produces reliable, safe, and effective meds at a much cheaper price.

You can find information about this producer online, and make sure that they do not work on the black market, that their preparations are checked and approved by local authorities, and that they have exactly the same ingredients as branded Viagra. The package contains 10 strips with 10 tabs in each. The pills are also blue, with the dosage indicated on one side, and the package is white and yellow, with the image of a black horse. In conclusion, we’d like to say that fake drugs may look very much like the original ones, so you should buy your medicines only from reputed online pharmacies.

Tips and Precautions for Beginners

If you are only thinking about starting to take generic Viagra or its branded version, you should learn some basic information about this drug—who can take it, how to take it properly, and how to avoid any negative consequences of sildenafil intake. First of all, this medication is administered in three cases:

  • inability to have a boner, hard and long enough to penetrate and complete the sexual act;
  • problems with urination induced by benign prostatic hyperplasia;
  • increased blood pressure in lungs.

25 mg is the lowest strength of the tablet, so the chances of running into adverse side effects are negligible. However, you should be very careful and always follow all the instructions on the package leaflet. Do not take more than one pill a day unless your doctor lets you do this. Always consult with your healthcare provider and tell him about all your health issues and medicines you take.

Viagra starts working an hour after the intake, so you should take the pill with a glass of water beforehand. This medication is used only on-demand, when you know that you’ll have intimacy within 1-4 hours. The pills do not like sunlight, heat, and humidity. You should not freeze them. Keep them at room temperature in their original package until used.

Sildenafil interacts with:

  • HIV and hepatitis medications, because PDE5 inhibitors may alleviate their performance and lead to life-threatening consequences;
  • amphetamines and antipsychotics;
  • certain antibiotics;
  • grapefruit, fatty foods, and alcohol;
  • other PDE5 suppressors;
  • nitroglycerin.

There is no need to list all interactions here; you can find them on the instructions, and it is always better to ask your doctor if you can take Viagra with this or that preparation. The same works for some illnesses, because sildenafil is contraindicated for some health conditions:

  • cardiac problems;
  • curvature of the penis;
  • seizures;
  • troubles with hearing and vision;
  • renal and liver dysfunctions, etc.

Again, do not make the decision to use Viagra generic by yourself. Only a medical professional who knows all about your health can tell you if it is safe for you.

Side Effects

When taken correctly, it will not cause any harm to you. In rare cases, it can be dangerous:

  • if you are allergic to any of the pill’s ingredients;
  • if you overdose;
  • if you use the expired tablets.

Immediately inform your therapist when you feel itchy, or see a rash and swelling of the lips, face, or limbs. These are the signs of an allergic reaction, and the reasons to stop taking sildenafil.

In order to avoid overdosing, do not take sildenafil more often than once a day, despite the dosage you use. Remember that this preparation is not for regular administration; you should consume a pill only when you plan to have sex. If your sexual activity requires more intakes, consult your doctor. He may prescribe you another drug, tadalafil, which has the same action but a much longer effect.

Some unwanted responses from your body may still occur, even if you do everything right. Viagra and its analogues influence our cardiovascular activity, so you may feel dizziness, headache, flushing, and mood changes. However, such reactions go away after a couple of intakes, when your system gets used to the drug. Still, you’d better listen to your body and track all changes in your overall state.

Sometimes, the side effects are the consequences of illnesses we have had before the first administration. Changes in the color of your stool or urine, back or chest pain, stomach upset, vomiting, fainting, loss of vision or hearing — all these are very bad symptoms, and if you experience one of them, you should go to a hospital immediately.

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